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We always begin our client relationships by doing a deep dive into your existing infrastructure. We want to work as an integral part of your business so it is important that we get all the information we possibly can to well-equip our technicians for the next steps.

Technical Onboarding

The next step is to make sure that each supported machine has our software and antivirus monitoring agents, and is set-up for patching. We then ensure that all network equipment is inventoried and that passwords are updated, just as your own internal team would.

Client Orientation

We introduce our team to the administration and meet our point of contact. It is important that we establish clear communication lines and make sure the end users know how to get help from Gigabit Systems when they need it.


It’s time to get to work! We evaluate the existing technical equipment and infrastructure for potential issues or innovation opportunities before evaluating internally and prioritizing. We then present our evaluation and recommendations to you and your team before implementation.

Monitoring & Support

Once your IT infrastructure has been optimized for maximum performance and efficiency our job has only just begun. Proactively monitoring the network will ensure that you continue to get the best out of you technology and our support technicians will be there for you 24/7 for any unexpected issues.

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